Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning - What Is It?

Corporate Green Cleaning involves using environmentally friendly cleaning products, cleaning techniques and equipment that reduce employee health problems and allergies which result from the air quality in buildings. It also contributes to the reduction of building carbon emissions which impact our environment.

What are the benefits of Green Cleaning for business?

There are many benefits which directly and indirectly impact the environment, such as: good carpet cleaning practices lengthen the life cycle of carpets which reduces the need for energy to produce carpet and the materials in it; improved air quality in buildings helps reduce employee sickness and therefore leads to increased work productivity and less time way from work by employees.

The new LEED Program points, which are awarded for achieving a certain level of cleanliness in corporate buildings, also represent a shift away from thinking about green cleaning as a set of products but more so, towards thinking about it as a set of cleaning practices that includes planning, using less-toxic chemicals, and using energy-efficient equipment.

Innovation Building Maintenance Inc. can help your company implement its environmental policies
We can help you to comply with your business´ environmental requirements and will assist with your corporate environmental responsibility which will in turn enhance your company image in the market place.

Going Green is a focus for businesses in North America these days. Corporations can benefit from their participation in several ways using the LEED Program (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for existing buildings. The benefits range from reduced energy cost, cleaner air in buildings, reduced environ- mental footprint from buildings, improved corporate reputation and showing community environmental leadership.

“Going Green” in our business involves using less toxic cleaning products, and adopting techniques and equipment that are more energy efficient to better air quality, reduce allergens, and improve the health of employees. It also means doing our job in a way that lowers harmful carbon emissions.

  • We use only Certified green cleaning products
  • Hepa filtered vacuums
  • Microfiber cleaning tools
  • Biodegradable garbage bags
  • We meet and exceed environmental standards
  • Minimize energy use through efficient management and practices
  • Minimize waste through reduction, reuse and recycling
  • Create a cleaner and healthier work environment