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Need help keeping your commercial, industrial, or multi-unit residential building healthy and germ-free? In the post-pandemic world, cleaning and disinfecting for health, safety and public perception remains critical. Yet, different buildings have specific cleanliness requirements and concerns based on their use, occupancy levels, and several other factors. That’s where Innovation Building Maintenance sweeps in with proven, commercial disinfection services solutions for all kinds of buildings across Ontario.

Safeguard your space with Innovation Building Maintenance disinfection services

At Innovation Building Maintenance, we bring our expertise to every detail of disinfection services. Our team is extensively trained, and we use highly effective products, proven tools, and technology. We prioritize health, safety, and the prevention of the spread of viruses and other potential health issues, giving you the confidence that your space is in the best hands.

Innovation can take care of everything from preventative maintenance to deep cleaning and disinfection services or pandemic preparedness planning—there are no cut corners, outdated protocols, or cookie-cutter disinfection services when you partner with us.

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Innovation Building Maintenance offers a comprehensive range of commercial disinfection services solutions tailored to each client’s needs and concerns. Our Greater Toronto Hamilton Area and Ontario disinfection services include:

Cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing serve different purposes in displacing and removing dirt, reducing microorganisms, and preventing the spread of viruses. On a regular basis, our commercial cleaning focuses on two steps: We clean and disinfect to keep your building as sanitary and healthy as possible.

CLEAN: Cleaning is focused on removing debris, dirt, dust, and other visible contaminants from surfaces, using detergents and water where applicable. While wiping away may remove germs, it doesn’t necessarily kill them.

SANITIZE: Sanitizing focuses on reducing the number of bacteria and germs on surfaces to a safe level as defined by public health standards, lowering the risk of spreading infection.

DISINFECT: Disinfection goes beyond cleaning and sanitizing. It involves using Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) approved chemical agents and proper procedures to eliminate germs on surfaces.

STERILIZE: Sterilizing involves using high heat, chemicals, or other procedures to remove all microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores, from objects or surfaces, but is rarely needed outside of some healthcare settings.
Innovation Building Maintenance provides comprehensive janitorial and commercial cleaning services that actively address all these cleaning and disinfection needs.

Sources: Public Health Agency of Canada and Public Health Ontario

Occupancy or traffic levels and public health status are critical factors in how often your building needs disinfection to minimize surface-to-person pathogen transmission. It’s also important to review how many people touch surfaces, for example, in pod work settings, where hot desking happens, or handrails and elevators in busy office towers, condominiums, or malls. Another important consideration is the seasonality and high public health transmission rates of COVID-19, influenza, and RSV. Generally, Innovation Building Maintenance recommends daily disinfection of high-touch surfaces. Our Common Area Touch Point program specifically addresses this need. Contact Innovation for details on customized disinfection services and more.

Innovation Building Maintenance knows all building operators have budgets to meet. Our customized cleaning and maintenance plans, including disinfection services, are tailored to provide you with solutions that work for your bottom line and your unique building needs. Skip one-size-fits-all and connect with Innovation today for complete, effective, affordable building maintenance options and customized disinfection services.

Fogging, also known as misting, and electrostatic spray disinfection all deliver a disinfectant product to an area. However, fogging or misting does not charge the spray droplets, meaning they don’t cling as closely to surfaces as electrostatic sprays. At Innovation Building Maintenance, our extensive disinfection services equipment includes CloroxPro Total 360 electrostatic sprayers as well as disinfection products designed for specific pathogens. Learn more.

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Innovation Building Maintenance brings science to deep cleaning and commercial disinfection services, harnessing data to help ensure safety and health while extending real peace of mind. Why trust us as your building services partner:

  • Have the expertise, training, and tools to do the job right
  • Follow Health Canada-approved product standards
  • Use organic, non-toxic, no-residue products whenever possible
  • Implement technology including sensors and ATP meter testing
  • Work to the strictest protocols while caring about your needs
  • Minimize disruption and provide flexible options