Complete floor care

Keeping floors clean and well maintained is a big job especially in commercial settings and the Canadian climate. Our Innovation team tackles millions of square feet of professional floor cleaning and maintenance every week. You can rely on Innovation Building Maintenance complete floor care services for all your hard flooring solutions.

Commercial floor cleaning in Toronto, Mississauga, and across Ontario

Look down. Flooring condition is a snapshot of your building’s professionalism, cleanliness, safety, and attention to detail. Flooring is also one of the largest surfaces in a building and potentially one of the dirtiest. Beyond its impact on the perception of your space and the health of your building, regular floor cleaning and maintenance from floor care experts like the Innovation team is to key to extending the durability and life of your flooring.

Innovation for better first impressions

Count on Innovation Building Maintenance to take care of your building with complete hard floor care, carpet, and commercial cleaning services across Ontario. Working with Innovation, you can expect:

Specific floor types need specific equipment, products, and knowledge to maintain or restore the surface, ensure safety, and comply with manufacturer’s guidance and warranties. Innovation Building Maintenance has a full roster of floor cleaning, maintenance, and renovation professionals. We take specialist care of all flooring types: hardwood, vinyl, tile and grout, stone including marble and terrazzo, concrete, and floors with acrylic and urethane finishes. Request a free Innovation floor care consultation right here.

Consider the cost of not taking proper care of your floors. Refinishing will support the durability of your floor in addition to enhancing its appearance. While there is a cost to any professional floor care and maintenance work, the cost of a safety issue or replacing your entire floor due to neglect is much higher. Innovation works with a wide range of budgets and schedules, we are here to help.

Always! Every Innovation Building Maintenance service, including our complete floor care, is customized to the specific building, your goals, and operational requirements. Our experts will work with you to address your specific commercial floor cleaning and maintenance needs. Connect with us.

Innovation Building Maintenance serves all kinds of businesses across many Sectors, including but not limited to corporate offices and commercial buildings, retail, hospitality, healthcare, professional practices, and medical facilities, warehouses, auto dealerships, and multi-unit residential buildings like condominiums. We tailor our floor care programs and all our services to your specific industry needs and considerations including traffic and clientele.

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Explore how Innovation Building Maintenance services can customize a commercial cleaning plan that is aligned with your needs and budget.

When we say complete floor care services, we mean it

Carpet Cleaning

Boost your building’s appearance and ROI with regular commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance. Innovation Building Maintenance experts have your covered.

Custom Floor Mats

Ensure your flooring investment is protected and your entrance impresses. Connect with Innovation Building Maintenance for quality custom floor mats and installation.

Floor Repair & Replacement

When its time for flooring replacement, or exterior pathway work, at your commercial or multi-residential building our Innovation Renovation & Construction team is ready.