Meet your Innovation team


We are a collective of commercial cleaning, janitorial, maintenance, and construction experts who work side by side to take care of your buildings. Solo, we excel in our specific roles. But together we are Innovation. Get to know the lead team at Innovation Building Maintenance.


Growing a business is no easy task. It takes resolve, ingenuity, and setbacks before achieving success. For Innovation Building Maintenance CEO Ray Hood, it’s all based on building and backing a resilient, ethical team.

Ray Hood knows this because he lives it on the daily. “Our clients give us their building maintenance business and their trust. Our equipment requires investment. But it’s our Innovation team who manage and deliver our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are our core strength and most important asset.”

Knowing his team member’s skills, showing them what to look for, and quietly calling the effective play comes naturally to this former college basketball player and longtime
Raptors fan.

“Do what you say you are going to do,” is at the core of Ray’s business and life values. That follow-through underscores both Innovation’s “Get It Right, Make It Right” quality assurance promise, and the company’s commitment to ongoing training and continual improvement.


What does work-life balance have to do with a healthy balance sheet? Innovation Building Maintenance Chief Financial Officer Susan Hood adds up the impact of company culture and a strong communication loop.

Ask Innovation Building Maintenance CFO Susan Hood what skills count in running a family-family founded, rapidly expanding service business and she quickly comes back with a list. Her must-haves start with, “Empathy, listening skills, and clear priorities.”

“In our workdays, people, especially women, wear a lot of hats. I think it’s important to recognize that we’re all at different points. But we are all in this together. As business leaders, we need to do what we can to balance the load.”

While these days her role is largely behind-the-scenes “planning and paperwork,” Susan is proud of Innovation’s client service and community engagement. Along with getting systems set up and being proactive, she emphasizes keeping your ears open, to clients, team members, and your inner circle. “Know your goals and get to know their goals…How can we help each other do what we each do best.”